Do you have a Helicopter Pilot’s licence and looking for Self Fly Helicopter Hire?

UK Self Fly Helicopter Hire can be for any occasion, whether it’s to fly off for a special lunch, make that important meeting or arrive in style at a special occasion, travelling by helicopter has got to be one of the most delightful and stress-free way of travel there is.

Flying above all the traffic without the mayhem of driving on backed up motorways queues and rush hour traffic can result in arriving at your destination in plenty of time and ready for the day ahead!

UK Self Fly Helicopter Hire Derbyshire
Attending an Exhibition in Derbyshire
UK Self Fly Helicopter Hire London
Visit London avoiding the M25 traffic
UK Self Fly Helicopter Hire Cheshire
Perfect landing space for helicopter
UK Self Fly Helicopter Hire Shropshire
Arriving in style in Shropshire


Our Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter is a five-seater helicopter with full leather interior offering comfort and style for your journey along with GPS satellite navigation. UK Self fly helicopter hire from Ridgway Aviation gives you all the wonderful benefits of owning a helicopter without any worry of maintenance, hangarage etc. UK Self fly helicopter hire unlocks a wonderful world of exciting travel opportunities with the time saving convenience of point-to-point travel.

If you’re considering UK self fly helicopter hire, trust Shropshire-based Ridgway Aviation Helicopter Hire to take care of all your needs.

UK Self Fly Helicopter Hire

Hiring a helicopter from Ridgway Aviation is a very easy process.

We are always available on hand to answer any questions you may have plus can offer advice on landing sites etc if needed.

If you would like to hire or rent a helicopter for self-fly hire, please to get in touch.